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Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17: Latest News

- Ongoing fights in Tajoura and several towns in Tripoli; the NATO rebels also sent some of their mercenaries to retake Bou Salim.

- Al-Jamil and Rikdalin are back in the hands of the might Libyan civilians after fights with the NATO rats and the green flag is now rising high there

- Ongoing fights in Ghalman between the mighty Libyan civilians and the NATO rebel rats.

- The NATO rats executed 22 mighty civilians who volunteered to fight for their country. The martyrs were executed after they were caught during the protests in Tripoli three days ago.


  1. U mean members of the NTC rats, executed over 22 libyans-who volunteeered to fight for their country? May their spirit hunt Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron until victory is achieved by the gallant patriots-uo can bend just one broom stick but u cannot do same when hundred are tied together-united we stand divided we fall! Long live Gaddafi and the libyan ppl!

  2. Yes my friend thats what I mean...