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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NATO to Announce Decision Tomorrow

A NATO official announced that the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO) might announce the termination of their Libya war tomorrow.

After Sweden, Italy, Norway and Spain all stopped their participation in the Libyan war, NATO will be having a meeting tomorrow and it is expected that they announce the termination of their war on Libya and its genocide on the Libya citizens. England and France are hugely against this decision.


  1. Is "Good old Dave" in here somewhere, an'all?

  2. The Almighty God we serve does not sleep-He would continue to watch over the people of Libya-no matter what-judgement day is fast approaching for the vultures in the NTC in Libya. Nonetheless we thank God for the news about the Nato rats allowing their consecience, if they still have any left, to say to them the children are dying-time to stop the bombing of unarmed women and children! Long live Libya Long live Gaddafi!


    Write on the wall to stop the bombing of Libya.Forward Gaddafi


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    —That man needs strong faith and great fortitude, who in this evil world would order his whole conduct according to the rule of the holy Scriptures; and "not turn aside to the right hand or to the left," on account of any temptation, or through fear of consequences: but as God himself commands us to "be strong and courageous," we should consider this precept as an exhortation to cry earnestly to him, that he may give us strength and courage; and in this dependence we may go forth, assured that nothing can stand before us or impede our course; for "He will not fail us, nor forsake us."—But let it be especially noted, that well grounded confidence is always connected with proportionable humility and conscientiousness: and genuine courage chiefly appears in daring to do our duty, though censured by misjudging friends, or slandered and threatened by malicious enemies That we may be secured from deception, and be assured that we are reproached or persecuted, not for following our own fancies, hut for the sake of truth and righteousness; we should endeavor, by daily meditation and prayer, to obtain an intimate acquaintance with the precepts as well as the promises of Scripture: for thus the path of duty will be evident to our own minds, and we shall be able to explain our reasons and motives satisfactorily to the candid and pious, when occasion requires; as well as to use our influence in bringing others to obey our God.

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  5. Bah, they said it so many times... They are bluffing. I wish it were true, and so the rats would have to fight without NATO planes, but I don't believe it. Anyway, the British and French imperialists are likely to continue even without NATO... Sarkozy and Cameron are now too blood thirsty. They are like serial killers, they don't know how to stop. As for Obama... We saw Clinton , didn't we?

  6. NATO should never have started this terrorist attack - war on an innocent country - This was for no other purpose but to steal the wealth of Libya. The death and the destruction they have caused along with the long term health problems they have created with the depleted uranium, phosphorus and other chemicals used on babies, children, pregnant women, adults, crops and animals is unforgivable.They were never in Libya to protect the population and no law in this world can justify what they have done.

  7. WOnt make a difference if it were true. If they withdraw, doesnt mean that there will be less firepower to be used. America has lots of it. So people should not be taken by this properganda. However, if they withdraw and then ask/influence NATO to stop the massacare then we may consider that as something..

  8. Only when I see them leave, I'll believe it.


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  13. Algeria ISP: "The news of the arrest of Gaddafi's lies and propaganda."

    Algerian paper says that this news was released to the public only because it would demoralize the people before another uprising in Tripoli, which is scheduled for tomorrow (21/10/2011).
    18:43 | 20.10.2011.
    The pro-Gaddafi denied media reports that the colonel was killed.
    According to the website of Al-Libiya TV, Muammar Gaddafi "was in good health."
    News Al-Libiya TV also warn of false images allegedly killed Gaddafi that circulate on the Internet., According to Russia Today


    ... \"

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