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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chad Takes Over Taraghen

- Armed militias from Chad entered the Libyan city of Taraghen and deported all its citizens and rose the Chadian flag there!

- Battles ongoing in Sabha.

- The might Libyan Amry defeated the NATO rats in today's battles of Sirt.

- The NATO rebels captured seven Jordanian citizens from Tripoli. Those citizens have been living there for 20 years. The Jordanian government spoke with its representative in Libya about the situation that is being monitored closely by Jordan. The citizens are from the same family: Basma Mustafa, Mahmoud Mustafa, Ahmad Amer, Jamal Amer, Nidal Amer, Manal Amer and an announced name.


  1. what about the chad news?
    could you post more details? sources?

    down with NWO!

  2. I am very sure when the war will be over, the leader will know how to pick his friends around the Arab world-Jordan quietly sided with the rats-Now look at the result. Iran was also with the rats-did that stop the americans from tagging iran as a rogue state? Why did Chad raise her flag in Libyan territory? This is not the time to alk about it anyway! Hope to get more info later!