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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Martyrs Muammar, Mu'tassim Gaddafi & Younes Buried in Unknown Place

The NATO rats announced that they have decided to bury martyrs Muammar and Al-Mu'tassim BIllah Al-Gaddafi. and Major General Abou Bakr Jaber Younes' bodies in an unknown place in the Libyan desert.

Al-Gathathfa; Colonel Gaddafi's tribe previously demanded their sons bodies and now they have vowed to take revenge. And according to their cultural beleifs, they will not pray the prayers of the dead (in absency) until they take vengeance from the rats and Zionists-Al-Qaeda figure Al-Qaradawi.

Also several tribes from Yemen, Iraq, Mauritania, Egypt and other Muslim countries grieved for the colonel and vowed revenge, most notable the tribe os historic Pan-Arabian leader Jamal Abdul-Nasser; the Bani Murr tribe of Egypt; who are far relatives from of the Gathathfa tribe.

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  1. Where was the BANI Murr tribe of Egypt when their son was being dragged along the streets of sirt and stabbed every second. If they have any conscience left in them-then they should ask the Almighty Allah for forgivenens. Given the amount of money Gaddafi invested in them, we had hoped they will be first to defend him! We should all be ashamed of ourselves especially the Arab league which gave the imperialist the go ahead to kill one of their own arab nationalist Gaddafi. The entire Arab world should bury their head in disgrace-we should stop playing the blame game when its we arabs who collect money from sarkozy, cameron and Obama to kill and main our brothers and sisters. One Israeli soul is worth one thousand arabs-I am ashamed of my arab roots in Africa.