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Monday, October 24, 2011

Colonel Gaddafi's Will

Considering the possibility of his martyrdom; the Colonel wrote his will no the 17th of October, 2011...

"Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim"

"This is my will. I, Muammar bin Mohammad bin Abdussalam bi Humayd bin Abu Manyar bin Humayd bin Nayil al Fuhsi Gaddafi, do swear that there is no other God but Allah and that Mohammad is God's Prophet, peace be upon him. I pledge that I will die as Muslim.
Should I be killed, I would like to be buried, according to Muslim rituals, in the clothes I was wearing at the time of my death and my body unwashed, in the cemetery of Sirte, next to my family and relatives.

I would like that my family, especially women and children, be treated well after my death. The Libyan people should protect its identity, achievements, history and the honourable image of its ancestors and heroes. The Libyan people should not relinquish the sacrifices of the free and best people.

I call on my supporters to continue the resistance, and fight any foreign aggressor against Libya, today, tomorrow and always.

Let the free people of the world know that we could have bargained over and sold out our cause in return for a personal secure and stable life. We received many offers to this effect but we chose to be at the vanguard of the confrontation as a badge of duty and honor.

Even if we do not win immediately, we will give a lesson to future generations that choosing to protect the nation is an honor and selling it out is the greatest betrayal that history will remember forever despite the attempts of the others to tell you otherwise."


  1. Hail Mu'ammar! Thou have been the greatest Arab African man and hero of our time! Thy death will be avenged.


  2. cant wait for the apocalypse to clean this world at last... this man represented a meaning of the word "leader". Boh mu zehnaj!

  3. That was his will to Obama and Hilary Witch Clinton. May the soul of any african american who votes for obama remain cursed forever! Let him go to Israel for his votes-Caine should also be very careful with the american war mongering machine-again blame the russians and the chines over the death of gaddafi-a word from them wld have save his life-now clinton is calling for a probe-she must be sick! and a disgrace to womanhood.

  4. R.I.P Colonel Gaddafi - you are the leader of the free world.
    Condolence to your Family.
    All support for the Green Revolution!

  5. HOW TRUE IS THIS STORY-SINCE NATO WANTS HIM DEAD OR ALIVE-Libyan revolutionary fighters said on Monday they have surrounded an area where the son of Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam, is believed to be taken refuge.

    The rebels said they were deploying troops to the southern region of the town of Bani Walid to an area where they believed Saif al-Islam was hiding after fleeing from his father’s hometown, Sirte, on Thursday.

    Bani Walid, 100 miles south-west of Tripoli, fell to revolutionary forces earlier this month after soldiers loyal to Gaddafi put up determined resistance for several weeks.

  6. Salute my Colonel!! You are the bravest!!

  7. R.I.P Colonel. May Saif avenge your death and punish those responsible for the bloodshed.


  9. Τιμή στον Καντάφι. Rip to Kantafi

  10. Steve PIECZENIK: Former State Department, Black Ops, Overthrew Governments, talked about the FAKE Bin Laden story before it rolled out. He says he smells a Rat in the Gaddafi Story…Obama is an obsessive Liar…Absolutely convinced that the whole thing is a LIE and that Gaddafi is ALIVE.




  12. We lost too many of brave and honesty men, woman and children. Remember the fallen. God is great!

    Stay strong against the forces of evil, my brave, green Libyans!

    Support for Green Libya from true German Christian

  13. One Greek

    Condolences in Family GADAFFI!

    The Murder of leader of Lyban, became from a'nandra and been afraid Zoo….
    only thus they could stop for always Leader I am distressed very deeply
    wishes the God forgiveness his Murderers.

  14. Honour to the brave leader

    May the "liberators" of Libya die in the same way

  15. He showed to all the world who are the true terrorists! Both western and muslims. Who are the real bad ones.

    RIP hero ! With your death you are bringing truth back to the game. And the good will win, Insallah !

  16. i feel so sad for all that's happening in your country, it's a shame to treat this way to one of your kind, no matter what he's done, only God/Allah knows and has the right to judge everyone of us.I pray for peace in all humanity, Peace brothers! katerina, greece

  17. Salute braves. Salute Heroes.

  18. Eternal honor to the wolf of the desert and the heroic Libyan people. You gave an example that the free men will not forget.

  19. I don't know you. I am from south of the sahara. access to main stream media, know, the snippets of news and your visions and ideas, not sure how workable or there intent. I know you made some mistakes and adopted some dubious causes, you had good interest for Africa and attempted to integrate north to south. For that Vision and the assistance you rendered some african states, I wish you RIP.