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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Latest News

After the NATO rebels took control of the Sirt University building earlier in the morning (from 8 am to 1 pm), the Libyan Army kicked the NATO rebels out of the building as the whole operation was a preplanned trap. However after the Libyan Army of Mujahedines kicked the rats out NATO hit the campus 39 times which resulted in the killing of 40 members of the army.

NTC PM Mahmoud Jibril took the figters that belong to his tribe out of the Sirt front due to the dangers they are facing which resulted in a huge fuss between the rat council members.

Nationalist pro-Gaddafi heros in Benghazi destroyed the main oil well that gives oil for Italy, which result in an energy shortage in Italy.

NTC president Abdul-Jalil asked the NATO to increase their strike inentsity over Bani Walid and Sirt.\

Summary: Sirt and Bani Walid are still under control.

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