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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Latest News

8. October. 2011
For the last 5 days (from 2-7nd October) Sirte became a key place, on the headlines of all news agencies, and in the field of fight.
On the one hand, at NTC in a month after so-called «an official recognition» (a capture of Tripoli) already there is a legitimacy crisis: after all, without direct support of armies of the NATO-ZIONISTS, rats couldn't establish complete control nor in one big city of Libya. Moreover, they completely don't supervise: neither Tripoli, nor a stronghold of Rats in Misurata, initially rats town Bargu and mountains Nafusa. On the other hand, Green resistance at correct strategic planning of defense of Sirte (first of all on preservation: the foodstuffs, waters, fuel, materiel and ammunition) have an opportunity on other fronts to achieve alignment of forces favourable to them.
So, for last 2 weeks of calm at Bani-walid, Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds of Dzhamahiria possible to clear its suburbs of bands and to organize there original «The Green Resistance center» which on the war course in Libya already influences; there is an information on a transfer of armies from under Beni-Walid to Dzhufra (Hun).
Thanks to a regrouping of Green forces of Loyalists which rats have allowed to spend it, the division plan of "Green resistance» Libya in half has been ruined: in the area of Tripoli-Garjan-Sebha-Murzuk. Attempt to realize the same strategy in the changed kind, in the area of Misurata-Hun-Sebha at resisting Sirte also is improbable. Under such circumstances for a colonial coalition crucial control over the Libyan border with Algeria and Tunis which mostly remains for Loyalists. For this reason rats have thrown a part of forces from mountains Nafusa and from unapproachable Beni-Walid on the cities of Gadames and Zuwaru (East-fezzansky and Tunisian operative areas, accordingly) where large-scale battles were developed.
In the answer «Green resistance», having fixed in the first of October in southwest areas Tripoli, has organized a series of large warfare guerrilla operations in radius to 100-150 km from the Libyan capital. Especially it's necessary to note clearing by Loyalists on October, 5th settlements Gualish (being to the south of Garjana) as it already the second advanced post of "Green resistance» around mountains Nafusa after Tidzhi and the Bard, located is a lot of to the west.
Green resistance of Muammara Kaddafi, leaning against breeding structure of the Libyan society, strengthen influence in east Libya as at coast (Bargan operative area) where more recently Al Kaida islamites undividedly dominated, and in the silent south (Kufra).
For the past month of war the NTC has had in loss: more than 4000 rats killed, including an order of 100 NATO pilots and members of special rats forces of the NATO, more than 20 field commanders of an average and the top echelon, about 10000 rats wounded and deserting; it is grasped or destroyed about 50 tanks, more than 300 armed vehicles, 10 Apache helicopters of the NATO ZIONISTS.
Only for last week by means of anti aircraft missiles used by Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds were shooted down 3 transport airplanes of NATO Rats: under Sebha (200 Rats and CIA agents killed), Sirte (300 killed) and Raslanufom (383 killed).
According to the Libyan Green resistance in Sirte, diversionary group consisting of 5 Libyan moujaheeds from Green battalion Taqrvat: Bokhozam Elkabir, Adnan Alam, Hoceine Farjani, Ahmed Lamloum and Maneam Garbani have managed to get into camp of Rats. They have put bombs in camp. All five have sacrificed themselves for love to Libya. They have blown up all camp. 43 Rats have killed, 14 tanks from Qatar and the helicopter loaded by the weapons are destroyed.
In the evening of 7th October, fights went on suburbs of Sirte. As a result of hard fight of Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds many rats have been killed in Sirte.The two Big Rats one of leaders of Al Kaide Al-Asad Al-Libi and NTC Rats commander Ali Saeh were killed in Sirte fighting.
Libyan moujaheeds and volunteers from Bani-Walid and other towns of Libya went to help Green resistance in Sirte. Five big trucks which carried ammunition to Rats in suburbs near Sirte, have been destroyed on road to Sirte by national Libyan moujaheeds.
The Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds were destroyed 15 oil wells in Babu Aavel, 300 km to the south from Bengasi, which were used for oil export to Italy.
Another Libyan town was liberated from rats. It's Zuwara. Another news NATO ZIONISTS planning to bomb water supply to Tripoli and then put blame on Legal Qaddafi's
government. In Trpoli in area Ras Hasan and Abu Salim the Green resistance of Muammara were raised the green flags. Sirte, Bani-Walid, Gadames, Tiji, Bar Al-Harush, Kufra, Tobruk, Al Baydam, Dermam, Al-Marld, Al-Biar, Al-Brega, Ras Lanuf, Ragdaline, Tarhuna, Zuwara, province Dzufra and all oil wells and all south of Libya are controlled by the Green Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds.

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