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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Latest News

82 Paratrooper Division (USA), from North Carolina, has been knocked down and neutralized in Ras Lanuf, in attempt to airborne landing.

* Sirte: The output gate of Sirte saw the deaths of nearly 40 renegade with the neutralization of a hundred who were imprisoned and the destruction of many  Toyota pickup. Among who have  escaped, there are about 100 wounded who were able to reach the town of Misrata. NATO was forced to provide drugs because the local hospital is completely infested with traitors. Hospital teams are overwhelmed. 17 others bandits were grilled as braised ... rats, because their vehicles were fired after an attack of the pro-Kadhafi on the western outskirts of the city ...

* Tripoli: In Tripoli, it is not joy. In the periphery, in the place called Bab Gargaresh, more than 45 rebels have been eliminated.

* Tarhuna: A Tarhouna, Khamis Kadhafi's forces harassed the renegades, to try to free blacks imprisoned by mad traitors.

* Ben Walid: A Ben Walid, the resistance-patriots have eliminated 40 renegades.

* Nato: For the first time, this day was the only one where NATO has not bombed civilians in Libya.  Their site says nothing about the situation in Libya. Last update: September 30. Is this a sign?
Copied from Wadii Haddad

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