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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dr. Mousa Ibrahim Speaks to Al-Rai TV

Dr. Mussa Ibrahim states:

Two children and their parents were killed by machine-gun fire today while trying to flee from Sirte

I was near the Sirte front with 23 fighters. We were under attack by very well-armed rebels for more than a day and a half, and we suffered fatalities.

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim announced the launch of the strategy NOONA MIME

According to the website of the Libyan government spokesman Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, confirmed that senior officers of the Libyan resistance began to apply the strategy (Mime Noona or NM) which means N as NATO (NATO) and M as MAJLIS INTIKALI (NTC ).

The strategy is to transform the situation of Libya as that of Afghanistan. In other words, cause trouble and make the situation unstable in all regions which disrupt the plans of NATO and this will push them to lower their presence in Libya and finally leave. That day, the NTC will remain alone on the field which will allow the Libyan resistance to demolish it in a month.

This strategy is excellent for releasing the cities occupied by NATO and its traitors. Recent events have shown that the NTC is very weak with their rebels failing to take over Bani Walid and Sirte in the last few days.
He said that the invasion of Tripoli was facilitated by NATO. For this reason, the NTC has asked NATO to stay in Libya.

On the ground for several hours, the strategy began with spectacular operations in Tripoli, exploding some infrastructure NTC and NATO.

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