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Thursday, September 29, 2011

NATO Commander Speaks About Libya

NSNBC: In response to our article about the UN failure to adhere to it´s principles msnbc received a phone call from a high ranking NATO Commander currently involved in the Libyan war... Read more by clicking on the Read More button...

The NATO Officer, who for obvious reasons needs to be quoted anonymously, reported that there are increased worries among NATO Commanders, that the war crimes currently committed by NATO, in Libya, and under their command, can have serious repercussions for them personally, in case any country with international jurisdiction would be invoking the Nuremberg Principles. Secretly, he said, “some of us are encouraging our boys to refuse orders to bomb civilian targets; we have had enough” 
He continued: “Always the same lies, in WWI they said that the troops will be home by Christmas, and you know what happened”. Some Canadian and French pilots have followed the encouragement and denied to bomb more civilian targets.


  1. If this is true, is a great New.
    I have a secret hope that the NATO Pilots (That are humans whit brains) some day refuse the orders to bomb inocent civilians.

    Its urgent to NATO to stop this horrendus crime.

  2. It's not MSNBC.. it's NSNBC which is just a wordpress site

  3. sorry for the mistake, i thought nsnbc was written by mistake so i switched to msnbc

  4. Well done! Its about time. Its not NATO that controlls of what the world will become, but the whole human race. War for war and peace for peace. You can't have war too gain peace, it will never work. I hope the rest of the worlds sivilizations will learn this lesson.
    Like Malcom X said: "The future belongs too those who prepare for it today!" And as Mahatma Gandhi said: "There is no bigger GOD than the truth in its self!"