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Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Early in the morning in Tripoli, Libyan Resistance entered a few columns of the army. Republicans seized a number of key facilities, including the headquarters of the CIA and NATO, and raised the green flags. One of the columns on its way to the airport.
All day long everywhere are fighting a fierce exchange of fire could be heard, including on the streets of Mansour, Tazhora, Bengshir. NATO members attacked a military facility outside Mokhtar, which previously was a military women's school.
Powerful explosions were heard in El Azizia, as well as in the zone Got Shael, where NATO members in a school (Nhavned) launched their headquarters.
The invaders keep the market area and Jamaa Zawiya Dahmani.
Eyewitnesses report that the streets of Tripoli, an increasing number of green flags. Everywhere could be heard Libyan patriots fight song: «Yalah, Muammar, Libya,wa Bass!»
Recall that the situation in Tripoli, which never ceased resistance against the occupiers, residents NATO members and their local collaborators, escalated dramatically on September 28 in 23 hours, when the Boulevard Al Islami took thousands of Libyan patriots, men and women, with a song, slogan «Yalah , Maemar, Libya, Bess! »Militants opened fire on unarmed people. After an hour in different parts of the city erupted shootout.

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