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Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 3 Summary

(1) Tribe Al Obeidi expelled all NTC fighters from Tobruk at the Libyan Egyptian border.
(2) Saif Al Islam refused meetig with members of the ICC, renouncing ICC as agents of imperialism, colonialism and coquest.
(3) Israeli helicopter has been shot by the green resistance South of Libya, killing both pilot and co-pilot.
(4) Libyan tribes have made clear stand against NTC, while it accused NATO for exporting criminals, genocide and acts of Jim Crow lynching to Libya.
... (5) Green resistance members from Sabha killed and wounded 37 members of the rebels, and NTC fighters at the outskirts of Bani Walid, chasing the outlaw militia out of the territory.
(6) Libyan protesters have been met with live fire and aircraft munition rounds when they protested about harsh living conditions, abuses by NTC and lack of basic services, and none payment of social living allowance.
(7) Libyan people continue to protest in Tripoli due to the inability of the NTC imposed fiat money to buy food and basic life sustenance needs.
(8) Alcohol has become one of the cheapest elements to purchase openly by minors in Libya with the fiat money, reversing ban of sale and alcohol consumption by minors during the government of Mahmud Al Baghdad.
(9) Association of Libyan National Airlines continue to register planes and service routes in China, some merging with Chinese domestic carriers as East Star and Spring Airlines.
(10) Green army officers continue to meet in neighboring countries to debate stratege, analysis about continuing battles and wars that loom ahead.
(11) Libyan tribes have decided to label all the meddling foreign forces and militia as enermies of the state of masses, attributing none as being good.
(12) NTC NATO's repressive government is the representative of 10% the population in rebels controlled areas, green army has made it's commitment to continue supporting the people in these oppressed areas.


  1. An israeli helicopter shot down over Libya... it sounds very strange dudes :-) This time the arab world can't blame Israel for what happened... The Qataris did the job... and the jordanian helped... Whitout the contribution of these arabs traitors Muammar would still be alive... A friend of Green Libya

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