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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Latest News

After the illegal abduction of Leader Saif Al-Islam Al-Gaddafi, the green resistance killed five military leaders of the rats.

Green resistance enter parts of Zlitan and Khums both are very strategic cities. Clashes in Both cities

 Heavy fighting in Baidah between Tribes vs NTC brigades. as Baidah follows the Example of Tobruk that removed all NTC بريجاديس

 NATO airstrikes at South of Libya continue now For weeks without any Mandate.

 Report Libya: Belhaj Al-Qaeda brigade sent a Large shipment of weapons heading to Syria SNC traitors.


  1. for how long are we going to be fed with these lies-the last time the picture of Islam appeared here with the socalled fake Tuaregs we did warn that it means the death or capture of Islam-we have been proven right! cause we dont trust the tuaregs

  2. Thank you again for the updates which I will normally get from Libya Sos but until they return will look to Libya Free Press and Daily Libyan Post and Mathaba News.

    The same way that video of Brother Leader Colonel Gaddafi of October 20, 2011 was a lie same applies with the so called arrest of Brother Saif Al Islam and it will not be the first time either as predicted and later confirmed. Brother Saif is in Zintan with his people to get medical attention for an injury courtesy of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization sustained some time ago. Still continues to lead the Resistence and is still in good health.By now as you know anything the bastards Rats, NATO and the West says is nothing but pure lies and propaganda.

    Allah Muammar Libya Was Bes. Long live and God bless Green Victory and long live and God bless Brother Colonel Gaddafi and Brother Saif Al Islam Gaddafi always. Allah Akbar.