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Monday, November 14, 2011

Latest News

One more gate left and al Zawiya will be completely liberated (eastern gate). The resistance also freed 300 green army members from a rats jail and took over weapons from a warehouse on the freeway between Tripoli and Al-Zawiya.

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  1. Please do not believe in the lies and propaganda of the corupt Western media, Al LIEzeera, Al LIErabiya , the West, those traitors thos bastards the NTC and the Rats the Rebels. That was certainly not Brother Leader Colonel Gaddafi assinated and that is certainly NOT Brother Leader's grave either. Study the video and see the lies and discrepencies the West, NATo, Those Bastardst the Rats the Rebels and the NTC continue to spreak also the traitors of the Middle East.

    Allah Muammar Libya Wa Bes. Long live and God bless Green Victory and long live live and God bless Brother Leader Colonel Gaddafi and Brother Saif Al Gaddafi always, Allah Akbar.