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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Latest News

(1) Qatar Al-Qaeda forces have lost control of their Southern most point of Libya base linking Zentan and Sabha prompting Hakim Belhaj to flee the country.

(2) 235 Al-Qaeda forces were killed in the battle to oust them out of the near Sabha base, including a Qatar general commanding them.

(3) Limited Alliance has been formed between green intelligence forces, tribe Warfallah and Zentan brigades to exchange a number of prisoners.

(4) 17000 Libyan Green Sniper forces have successfully infiltrated NTC forces by driving in NTC flagged vehicles in Bani Walid resulting in the killing of 93 NTC soldiers in Bani Walid and taking 42 prisoner.

(5) The Green army has discovered the entire NTC leadership is not operating inside Libya, but out of Malta, Doha Qatar and Ankara Turkey.

(6) Hakim Belhaj the Al-Qaeda king of Tripoli flew out of Libya with not just Libyan stolen money, he also stole $190 million that was to be used as payment for the NTC militia.

(7) The new Libyan Resistance front leader Gamal Longe has insisted on the establishment of green liquidation brigades to function within the ranks of Zentan brigades and to allow green squads unlimited access to carry on operations against foreign elements inside Tripoli.

(8) The Amazigh are proposing a new territorial agreement to allow them local autonomy as that of Quebec Canada and Kirkuk Iraq, and they also want the establishment of their language Tamazight as national language in Libya, spoken second to Arabic speaking areas in Libya. The drawing board of Libyan National front rejected this idea of the Tamazigh in collaboration with Touareg and Werfallah due to the known large presence of Mossad Israeli Zionist forces operating within the Amazigh forces.

(9) Green Army has decided to allow powerline connection, medical, food and fuel trucks to move from Sabha to Bani Walid under the guide of Zentan brigades and Werfallah tribal forces.

(10) 13 French gladius mercenary forces were killed in Sabha when they were spotted driving Red Cross Vans.

(11) Green force Libya has increased additional secret cells to monitor foreign NATO embassies inside Tripoli from 52 cells to 108 in order to locate exact movement of Al-qaeda linked foreign forces inside Libya.

(12) The Green Army has given green light to the people of Sirte to hang every captured foreign NATO, French, Al-Qaeda and Qatar mercenary forces on the electric poles without waiting any court order or without waiting for the arrival of green army.

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