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Friday, October 14, 2011

USA Gives Israel Green Light to Attack Iran

The USA have given Israel the green light to attack Iran in two months.

The reason the US gave Israel only two months is because in case Israel needs backup, the USA will have a difficulty in providing Israel with help in winter due to the weather.

And the Iranian attempt to kill the Saudi ambassador, which is supposed to be a fabricated plot by the US will be used as the USA's and Israel's reason to attack Iran. However the real reason  Israel wants to attack Iran is because European giants, such as Germany are seeming to gradually show their acceptance of Iran's nuclear program, while the USA's reason for war with Iran is because of Iran's ally, China, announcing that its ready for a trade-war with the US, that will make USA's economy in a much worst state.

Additionally, it was said that Netanyahu wanted to attack Iran in September due to the Palestinean UN statesbid, however he was told to holt his plan.

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