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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Rats Responsible for Our Leader's Murder

This is the picture of the rats that killed the mighty leader, the King of Africa and the head of the revolution, the Great Colonel Muammar Al-Gaddafi and his brave son Al-Mu'tasim BIllah Al-Gaddafi and the hero Abou Bakr Younes Jaber.

The person responsible for shooting the Colonel is the rat Sanad Al-Sadek Al-Oreibi, born in the city of shame Benghazi in the year 1989.


  1. The USELESS UN office for human rights has called for an investigation of his death since video footage after the air strike showed him bloodied but still alive-WHERE WERE THEY WHEN THE WORLD CRIED OUT TO THEM TO HELP GADDAFI?sADLY THE HEAD OF THE HRC IS A SOUTH AFRICAN

  2. Abdullah al-AmrikiyaOctober 23, 2011 at 12:32 AM

    This young man is a murder yes - but let us remember that he is also a victim of getting caught up in blood lust gang mentality which almost any human being can do. Wars bring out the worst and best in people. I am in tears.

    I'm not excusing his actions. He should tried and pay the proper sentence. Which could be execution, compensating, or forgiveness by the family. He will suffer in this world with extreme guilt once he realizes what a horrible act he committed. Or he could continue to be proud of what he has done and go on to commit more crimes. If he truly repents, I really believe that Gaddafi would now forgive him.

    I knew very little of Gaddafi or Libya before this mess began. I started doing my own investigation and came to the conclusion that Gaddafi mellowed out with age. Many of the rebels were recently release from jail by Gaddafi. These rebels gave their word that they would not resort to violence. Then they broke their words. These people will be much worst than Gaddafi. What type of Libyan in their right mind would team up with outsiders (NATO infidels and the fat dictator of Qatar) to bomb their own homeland? You rebels have no honor. The people of Libya will soon me in misery unless you turn to Allah, forgive each other and love each other.

    I am an African American convert to Islam. The people of Libya both for and against Gaddafi are naive. You do not know the evil, tricky, and dishonest lies the white leaders (not all white people are bad, many are very good people - but 95% of the while leaders are pure evil). They will smile in your face and tell you anything to rob you. NATO will now stop bombing and pretend to be peace makers while trying to get different tribes and groups to start killing each other. Then they will try to turn your beautiful righteous women into whores and prostitutes. Warning new leaders of Libya!!! The West hates you because you are Muslims and because you are Africans. Yes, many of you are light skinned but you are still dirty sand niggers in their minds. Don't be fooled. They will try to get brown Libyan to turn on and kill black Libyans. This has already started.

    USA only elected Obama to trick and rob the Muslim word. The USA government and leaders are racist. My advice to you is to repent and beg Allah to forgive you for what you have brought on your selves. Also, you should now honor and give proper respect to Qaddafi like you do to Omar Mukhtar. Qaddafi actually kept you safe for 40 years. And now through blind hate you will kill your selves, turn your women into shamouta and your men into gays, drunks, and drug addition. The USA/NATO/EU and CIA are more evil that you can imagine. They have a bag of tricks for Libya.

    As a person whose ancestors were kidnapped from I feel a closeness to all Africans. Please, brothers and sisters stop the hate and don't kill one another. We African Americans have a big problem of killing each other because we were taught to hate each other during and after slavery. The white slave masters are very good at tricking and mind control. Greed is one of their big tricks. How do you catch a monkey? You show him something shiny.

    I wish all Libyan people well. I beg you to turn to Allah and beg his forgiveness.

    Your brother in Islam.
    I can be contacted at
    As-Salaam Alaykum.

    Allah is Most Merciful, if you obey Him and Him Alone.

  3. There are too many traitors in ther Arab world-and the rest of the globe are getting sick and tired of these wars-saddam hussein was betrayed by his body guards-where is he-in america-the rats who betrayed Gaddafi, will soon be flown to america-he must have come from the family of king idris-the arab league is the biggest monster in the arab world-i am ashamed of my arab brothers-when I look at what is going in Syria-it makes me feel very sad-we were hired as mercenaries by the zonist and the americans to fight our bothers in libya-only for us to kill blacks--tomorrow we the arabs will send arms to sudan and somalia-none to saudi arabia-is that what islam teaches us--its a shame--gaddafi was killed because of his ideas-

  4. Abdulla al-Amrikiya, I agree with what you say. It is very important that we, the common people (90% of the world population), stay united. Most of us are manipulated by those who are in power, so that we start argueing and even fighting amongst each other. You know the old anthem: Divide and rule!
    Even though I'm white, european and not a muslim, what is happening in Libya is horrible. The west should be thoroughly ashamed of itself, of these unworthy actions!

    One question for the person who makes these articles: could you please remove the photograph from the next article. Show some respect!

  5. the killers will receive the same fate,they will be searched house by house ,dragged out and killed like animals one by one.

  6. Dear all,

    I really feel for the people of Libya and the war that is going on there but I have to disagree with As-Salaam Alaykum. I am an immigrant who came to America from the other part of the globe and America IS really a place of freedom and work opportunity and equality. I am not white and I do not look like white Americans but I work well and many times those white Americans promoted me over "whites" simply because I did a good job. I love it here in America because I can have a life by working and being honest. I do not need to know any politicians or have any "important" friends. However I do work and I do not cheat people. These two I discovered are the secrets for success. Plus, if I do not like at any point I can always leave and go somewhere else.
    From an American Immigrant.