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Sunday, October 30, 2011

News on Dr. Abuzed Dorda

Dr. Abuzed Dorda, the former Libyan Prime Minister and ambassador to the United Nations have been in a prison in Libya since weeks; his family said that Dr. Dorda has suffered from severe life-threatening injuries and also has his legs broken by the rats in the prison.

Dr. Dorda's son-in-law, Adel Khalife addressed the UN concerning this issue with the following message: “Most of you may have known and dealt with Mr. Dorda during his tenure as Prime Minister of Libya, we kindly request your help in dealing with this issue so that we can spare his life and guarantee his safety. This is a humanitarian issue.”

Russia Today spoke with Dr. Dorda's family who confirmed that he was thrown by prison guards from the second floor in a murder attempt, which resulted in his injuries.

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