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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NATO Rats/Rebels Meet Clinton

Hilary Clinton paid the NATO rats a visit and the rats were not hesitant to bow to her and welcome her...


  1. in video this could be not in Tripoli. this could be in NATO base some where in Italy, or above. in Tripoli is going battle. its too dangerous for that person.
    this visit is created only for pretext to retake Tripoli by NATO and USA forces after 14 October, by my view.

  2. This Woman is a true evil being.
    She thinks the World revolves around her.
    Why won't everyone wake up to the true
    EVIL she represents ?

  3. Hillary sole saying (( hello to who brought imperial delivery, then she clapped and said in her sole bravo you saved our western blood with your cheap arab blood, I did not see easier than this Colonialism, they don't know their blood and country significance)) , while the boobie are happy with their money increasing at the bank . you know why they are called rats not only because they are coward running fast but also because the rat easily trapped ( colonialism) for getting a piece of cheese ( money) they donot deserve the libyan soil, while Gadaffi supports will not die because the are endless allover the world. I am Egyptain and I LOVE GADAFFI as he has popularity not only in libya but allover the world

  4. Hillary is one evil devil, she is not worthy of the title human or woman - cold blooded terrorist leader of the US


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