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Monday, October 31, 2011

NATO Rats Stealing Ancient Monuments

It was announced by the Sunday Times that the NATO rats made the biggest rubbery in ancient monuments and treasures history...

The Benghazi rats stole approximately 7700 pieces of treasures and monuments made out of gold, silver and bronze. Some pieces date back to the era of Alexandre the Great.

The rubbers entered the treasure room by making a hole in the concrete roof of the room under the ground.

The value of the stolen pieces can't be exactly estimated however a similar coin of ancient Greece was recently sold for 268 thousand pounds.

Hafeth Wildah, a London-based Libyan arechaelogist said that this rubbery is most probably an inside job and who did it knew what was there very well.


  1. It remembers me of looting which happened in the Baghdad museum. And of course you can search what country in the ME is behind those robberies.

  2. No suprise Colonel said from the beginig.
    They are bandits and killers nothing else . o yes and garbage.
    NATO Bombs UNESCO World Heritage Site and rebels smuggling the Libyan national treasure -->