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Monday, October 3, 2011

NATO Ending Their War Soon?

US Colonel Carter Ham announced that NATO might stop the war on Libya in a week...

On Saturday, the 2nd of October general Carter Ham, chief of the North American military command for Africa has announced that in next week the NATO will initiate a crease of his forces that have come attacking Libya from March provoking 70 thousand dead persons. On Thursday, the 29th of September the spokeswoman of the NATO Oana Lungescu announced the desire of the above mentioned aggressive military organization to stop from his operations against Libya as soon as possible: Is it the announcement of a political and military defeat? Is it the answer to the pressures of Russia, China, the African Unit, Brazil, the DAWN? Is it a pitfall to cheat to the more and more offensive and effective Libyan national resistance in his operations? We have to wait and see...

1 comment:

  1. NATO is a gang of lyers and criminals. They may announce stopping the war officially ("mission accomplished") but continue bombing. Perhaps they will claim that TNC is now "in control" although we know very well that they don't control anything. Without NATO bombs the rats would be finished after few weeks.

    Smash the NATO rats!