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Monday, October 17, 2011


Unofficial sources in Libya are reporting that the people of Benghazi, Misrata and Tripoli were told to evacuate their cities before the 25th of October.

The message reportedly read:

"They didn't leave us a choice, we had the ability to destroy the airports, oil plants and civil structures when we were controlling them but we didn't, but now the tragedy have greatened and its our duty to change that.

They made us take a decision; what our armed people and fighters can do was unthinkable even to our enemies however with all the genocides and oppression one can only think to raise fire everywhere, its better than being raised on only one side. So on us and on our enemies.

For months and this massacre is wandering around a certain area and a certain group of the Libyan people, at a time there are cities sending its children to kill their fellow Libyans for the deconstruction and killings of the children, women and elderly. And it is not possible to stay silent about this for a long time...

Thats why we announce that the hour of punishment has come, and we take this decision announcing that we don't belong to any political side in the war, and we have denounced all our previous military positions; we are hereby taking this decision as humans who reached the end of the options and humanitarian power. We have lost our families and therefore we have nothing to be sorry for.

We swear that in a matter of days we will surprise the world in something that will be marked in the history of mankind for long. The time is the 25th of October; and thats why we ask anyone who lose a beloved person and anyone who is against oppression to leave the following cities by then: Tripoli, Benghazi and Misrata.

And who warned is pardoned; and the free person doesn't betray innocent people no matter what."


  1. You are revealing your intention to the opposition in advance, contrary to your previous article.

  2. That is a good point IF this message is from the Green Resistance--which can't be known. This is a war based on lies and deceipt, from Day 1, on the part of NATO and the rats, as you very well know. The lies are constant.

    So, it is IMPOSSIBLE to know what this note means. Maybe it's a NATO note, designed to prepare people for nuclear war, that will be blamed on Gaddafi. WHO KNOWS.

    So, all that you, or I, or anyone can do is wait and watch. That's it.

  3. As I said before, this message was sent to the people of Tripoli, Benghazi and Misrata from an unknown source. I said at the beginning of the article that unofficial sources are claiming this message. I cannot prove it nor deny it. I just translated it from Arabic to English as I found it. And since the source says that it was announced to the people of the country, we have to reveal it cz if the poeple dont flee their cities there will be a huge number of killing if the cities were bombed.

  4. I've been with you since Sakozily so theatriclly "creamed his knickers" back in Feb.or March. That's about all there is to say, except: get prepared for the onslaught!
    Helmut Taylor in Frankfurt.

  5. please let us know how this message was founded in details?

    who shall have an advantage of what is supposed to happen at the 25th? the side which has the most advantages is the author.

  6. This message was delivered to the people of Tripoli, Benghazi and Misrata through paper slips/flyers.

    This message was also sent anonymously to the people, its neither written by the rats nor by the Libyan government.

    A few days ago there was word that an independent armed force in Libya has split away from the rats and decided to create a neutral force, siding neither with Gaddafi or the rats. However they said that the rebels were traitors and they said that they will work against them.

    Only two days after this neutral force was announced this message was sent to the people so I assume its them. And what will happen on October 25 is for Gaddafi's good since it targets the rebels' strongholds.

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