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Sunday, October 30, 2011

More Details on Misrata-Jalil Issues

As reported earlier today, sources are claiming that Misratah's rats have decided to create their own sovereign government and split away from the NTC.

According to insiders in the NTC, Abdul-Jalil received several threatening letters from the Misratah rats telling him to stop his decision concerning punishing the rats who murdered the Colonel Gaddafi, his son Al-Mu'tasim BIllah and their companion Abu Bakr Younes Jabr, or else they will show documents for the UN that proof that Abdul-Jalil committed crimes in Libya three years ago.

Additionally, the same source is claiming that there are more unannounced issues in between the rats and a possible war can happen between Misrata Brigade, Benghazi Brigade and two Brigades in Tripoli; one under the control of Abdul-Hakim Belhaj and the other under the control of Abd-Allah Naker.

Below is a picture in Arabic that shows that Abdul-Jalil ordered the execution of 32 prisoners while they are in jail.

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