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Monday, October 3, 2011

Latest News

All the fronts have known several defeats for the renegades. The rats and their propaganda machine, focus on Sirte to try to obtain a symbolic victory in order to discourage the resistance in other fronts. But this strategy will fail because it has been tried withot success after the seize of Tripoli. In fact, despite this coup, the resistance has been organized and is now very strong.

*Ghat : Heavy defeat of the renegades of Benghazi who wanted to enter the town. 30 rats killed.

*Benghazi: nearly 50% of the city, especially in the suburbs, has raised the green flag of the revolution.

*Al Bidha: 60% of the city now raises (again) the green flag.

*Tobrouk : the renegades-terrorists of Benghazi and their accomplices from NATO had a hangover. They were driven out of town.

* Derna: Islamists who wanted to make of this small city a Libyan Islamic emirate, were driven from the city by the Loyalists.

*Zliten: people of the city asked the mercenaries to leave their city, after signing agreements with some neighboring towns. They say they will attack before the end of this week. Some rebels have already disappeared from the city.

*Zawiya:  The city has returned to green, this information was confirmed by the rats....

*Zentan: the Berbers who inhabit the western Libyan signed an agreement with neighboring tribes to fight the horde of rabid dogs that make up the soldiers of the NTC.

Copied from Wadii Haddad

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