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Monday, October 10, 2011

Italian Minister Visits Libya

The Italian defense minister visited the NTC earlier today and after speaking with NTC minister Jalal Al-Dougheili he told the press:

"Italy's friendship agreement was made with Libya and not with Colonel Gaddaf. The minister (Jalal Al-Dougheili) told me that he himself is an Italian tribesman, as he was born in Libya when it was under Italian control. With everything that happened between the countries the Libyan people do not hate the Italians but Gaddafi made all of that up. The Italians helped Libya's uprising a lot especially in building the country."

How can someone who considers himself an Italian tribesman be in charge of a great country like Libya? And when was killing hundreds of thousands of people considered helping their country? Those are questions only the NATO backed rats can answer (or not); all we can do is help our leader the Colonel Muammar Al-Gaddafi in getting the victory over the traitors.

Allah, Muammar, Libya w Bas

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