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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Israeli Embassy in Misratah Soon; More News on Qatar

As announced by Qatar, they will be sending military assistance to the rats in Libya soon; and reports are showing that Israel will open an embassy in the city of traitors, Misratah.

Qatar will be forming, with 12 other countries a military room that will assist the rats both logistically and on land. The room will have 170 generals from 13 different countries and five of those generals will be from Israel.

The other generals will be from the USA, France, the UAE, Qatar, Italy, Germany and other secondary countries.

Additionally, according to Seven Says News those generals are already in Libya and headquartered in Tripoli. It is also rumoured that they are based in the airport of Mitiga; and those generals will be given political titles by their embassies in order to draw doubts about them away.

The real reason they came is said to be to lead the rats in this time since their army is not full yet;  this will cause tension between the new government and the Qaeda army in Libya; who is hoping to turn Libya to another Afghanistan.

Additionally, reports are showing that Israel will be opening an embassy in Misratah in the next few months.

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  1. We Arabs are the main traitors of our history and religion. We work with Israel in the morning, take money from them in the afternoon, then pray for them in the evening with our beads. Qatar betrayed Saddam Hussein. Iran and Turkey disgraced the Arabs in Libya-Iran was the country that sold Iraq to the Americans. Arabs exchanged one Israeli for over 1,000 Palestinians. What a shame.