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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gaddafi Family Mourns Colonel Muammar and His Son Al-Mu'tasim

Al-Rai TV announced that they received the official mourning of the martyrs Colonel Muammar Al-Gaddafi, his son Al-Mu'tasim BIllah Al-Gaddafi and their lifetime friend Mujahid Abou-Bakr Younes Jaber...

The statement read:

In the name of God the MercifulOf the believers are men who are God's covenant with him some of them died and some of them waiting for any change and they changedThe great truth of GodYou sons of Libyan people the GreatOh sons of the Arab nation.Dear Free people in the worldO lovers of Gaddafi and his supportersYes, the tears in our eyes and our hearts to grieve their loss, but we will not say Mayskht God, but say I am God and to Him we return not only on the powerless. God Almighty
Mourn you today with more of sadness, grief, and our father and our leader Muammar Gaddafi and son and our brother Mujahid Al-Mu'tasim BIllah GaddafiAnd the brother mujahid Abu Bakr Younis, and all of them fell a martyr to defend right against falsehood.We have proceeded with sinful hands on the assassination of a leader of humanity who have historic or they refuse to bow to aggression led to the Crusader States and their clients.Commander stood before the giant wave hitting the evil in the finest examples of steadfastness and sacrifice, valor and heroism, pride and dignity, honor and pride ...This leader was assassinated, which will remain immortal in the book of immortal symbol of steadfastness, sacrifice and perpetual holy war until God inherits the earth and them which is good for heirs or authorize the Almighty Aziz, his victory ...
We, on this day and in front of the event calamity assure countries of aggression and its customers that the assassination of the leader will not increase his supporters and fans and believers for his method of the sons of Libyan people the Great Arab and Islamic nations, but resolutely and an escalation of the Jihad and the struggle until the liberation of Libya's fullDear LibyansMay think that the assassination of the leader of the Mujahideen and those with him will enable them to assassinate Gaddafi approach and principles, but Khosioa Baúa and anger of God
We are certain that the death of the leader will be a historic turning point for the escalation of the brave resistance until cleared the land of Libya from the clients of NATO and his mercenaries and retribution from the killers knownWe have seen how and the circumstances in which it reveals the assassination of the martyrs the fact these criminals dead oppressors do not respect international conventions governing the origins of the war, families and the values ​​of Islam, who claim faith in him, which recommends Bagram prisonerThe ugliness of the crime does not intimidate us, but the perpetrators who are not afraid We are desperately doubt they will receive just retribution no matter how long they will live in horror even approaching their clockWe are a family leader Mujahid Muammralqmafa welcome the decision of the United Nations to open an investigation into the circumstances of the assassination of two martyrs Gaddafi and Billah Gaddafi, which confirms the data and video broadcast by the media they were exposed to assassination and death after capture as he meets the definition of war crimes punishable by international lawWe also call upon the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Conference and Amnesty International to force the transition to hand over the bodies of the martyrs to our tribe in Sirte and allow them to hold burial ceremonies in accordance with Islamic traditions and assetsMartyrs and say hi day stood tall in front of Hurricane evil and darkness, and peace you trust and you have carried on her Dftm Your brothers and your money and yourself the priceYou peace, O Commander of the peace Billah and the Arabs and Saif Ali Khamis Ali Abu Bakr Yunis and all the martyrsLasting peace on the Mujahideen heroes who wait for them a lot ... And tell them your fist to your guns reinforced and expanded your deployment in the land of Jihad and purify yourselves and your ranks of accomplices and Almtsakotain and lurkingPledge to you, O commander Sahpk and martyrs and all those who told their blood pure soil of Libya to the Covenant guards remain true to your values ​​and secured until authorized by the Almighty God with His help apron, a strong-AzizDear all supporters of the Libyan Qadhafi and his fansAllah is testing our patience and steadfastness and patience and steadfastness, the martyrdom of the leader to be Fhada of the patient who, when afflicted with calamity, say: Allah and to Him we shall returnAs for the murderers, Goddam them and tell them that NATO would not endure to protect you and the day will come and cast immediately charged by the determination that you deserve, and God is great and debased AlkhasionMujahid martyr's family Muammar GaddafiOn 21 October 2011


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  3. Forgery---more lies to back up their Clinton scenario.

    al-Gadhafi lives..Do not doubt. PLEASE...They are playing on your heart with false satanic twists and lies...

  4. Al-RAI has been hacked since the early hours of 14 OCTOBER


  6. when will the jewish nation learn to leave the world alone? we are tired of the killings-and the lies manufactured to cover them up

  7. Freedom is something we must all hold very dear to our hearts. We must be vigilant in guarding against those who will take it away from us.