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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Latest News

NATO rebel army chief Sami Ali Tarhouni was killed today in Bani Walid after the members from the tribe of Tarhouna fired a rocket on the rebels that failed to enter the city.

The NATO rebels tried to enter Sirt another time earlier tonight however as always they failed to do so. They lost a huge number of fighters and machineries.

A might Libyan cell called "Al-Mujahid Al-Khamis' Cell" attacked the airport in Tripoli and destroyed a plane.

Dr. Sail Al-Islam Al-Gaddafi appeared in a video telling the Libyan Army members: "Go to Tripoli today, this is your ancestor's lands, and you will not leave it to the NATO backed traitors.".

After Libya was Africa's richest country, the NATO rebels are now asking the Libyan people to raise money so they can buy medicines for hospitals.

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