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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Latest News

After the loss souls and money in Libya, Britain decided to remove all of its Apache Helicopters.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International reported that all the claims that Colonel Gaddafi used force in Libya against protesters are false.

UN cars were seen entering Libya from the Tunisian borders.

Al-Qaeda members gave the citizens of Darna that all mixed schools and mixed universities should be closed or they will destroy them.

The Libyan rebels assassinated the media administrator of a pro-Gaddafi Facebook page.


  1. who was the admin assassiated?

  2. I am not aware of the name sorry.

  3. Yes, this was my question too, please, if you dont have the name, can you tell us a source?

  4. The person killed was one of the editors of Allibiya TV facebook page. His death was announced on the page yesterday.

    Link to the page

  5. Thanks for the answer. Feeling so sad, if it is true. Allah, Muammar u Libya bas