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Monday, September 26, 2011

Latest News

The NATO rebels tortured and killed a pro-Gaddafi civilian male in Tripoli, after the incident the victim's brothers planted the green flag on their house; the rebels told the brothers to remove the flag but the brothers refused to do so which resulted in their killing.

The Libyan Army (Gaddafi forces) attacked the Maitika base in Tripoli and killed several members of the NATO rebels.

Rebels chief "Al-Initaki" was killed in Abou Salim on the hands of the Libyan Army.

The Libyan Army freed several army members and pro-Gaddafi civilians who were abducted in Al-Jadeeda prison in Tripoli; not a single army member was injured.

Tripoli: 35 NATO mercenaries from Egypt, Qatar and European countries were killed on the hands of the Libyan Army.

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