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Monday, September 26, 2011

Al-Mutasim Al-Gaddafi Interview

"Seven Days News" conducted an interview with Al-Mutasim Billah Al-Gaddafi, the son of Libyan leader Mouammar Al-Gaddfi. Click on the "Read More" button below to read the interview...

Al-Mutasim message: "We are currently fighting on two fronts: one of them is protecting our cities that I send my best regards to like Bani Walid, Sabha, Sirt and their sisters, the front is at the south of Libya where we discovered how weak the NATO and his fighters are in and there are huge areas in which they failed to control; the work has started in Ghadames and Ghat to liberate the weak cities and to turn them to strongholds for us."

Mutasim continued: "The leader is fine and in good health, he is at the front guiding, organizing and planning; now he believes more than ever that the NTC is weak and that it can't intake all the tribes, areas and ideologies of Libya. And NATO can't give the traitors any help when it comes to guerilla wars."

He added: "We send our regards to the courageous cities of Sabha, Bani Walid, Ghedamas, Sirt and all the loyal cities in Libya, we also ask the loyal tribe Warfala to denounce itself from the impostor Mahmoud Jibril who claims to be its representer in the new cabinet. We have been contacted by many groups of civilians who want to fight for their country and we tell them if you are a group of three, five or seven coordinate yourselves and fight where you are. There are loyalists who told us that they can easily assassinate leaders in the NTC and we gave them the green light to do so.".

Al-Mutasium Billah Al-Gaddafi finally sent a message to the Libyan people: "I send my regards to all the honourable people in Libya and those who stand with us from all countries and we tell them that we know well how to defeat our enemies, this is our country Libya, and I thank the tribes of the South who started moving and started the massacre (against the traitors).".

For the original interview in Arabic click here.

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